Friday Kiss – Hug (5/2/2020)

Note: I fell off the earth for a bit, but I’m back and working on my blogging habit.

Friday Kiss is one of many weekly Twitter writing challenges. If I have an excerpt that is relevant to the challenges, I will post it on my Twitter and here on Fridays.

Today’s theme is: Hug.

From my in-progress manuscript, Incandescent (#ownvoice, #contemporary romance, #amdrafting).

“Etienne wanted to hug him the way lovers in movies did after a long separation – scoop him up and swing him in a wide circle until they became dizzy. But the idea was excessive even to him so he settled on a handshake instead.” #fridaykiss

About Incandescent:

Book 2 – Incandescent m/m romance featuring Latinx/Haitian leads


Rafael (Rafi) Navarro is an educator who won’t let anything get in the way of the dreams he has for himself and the community he serves.

Étienne Galois is an rising star in the art world with secrets that keep him from finding the connection he craves.

Their chemistry is explosive but can they convince themselves – and each other, that this is a love worth fighting for?

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