Friday Kiss – Believe (5/8/2020)

Friday Kiss is one of many weekly Twitter writing challenges. If I have an excerpt that is relevant to the challenges, I will post it on my Twitter and here on Fridays.

Today’s theme is: Believe.

From my completed manuscript, Incomparable (#ownvoice, #contemporary romance). Estimated publication date: Fall, 2021, Harlequin Special Edition:

“Can’t believe I’m touching you,” he whispered, fingers skimming the column of her throat. “I would have regretted not knowing you like this.” “Let’s…let’s not fight again.” She pushed him back, glaring at him. “Don’t lie to me again and we won’t.”

About Incomparable:

When Val Navarro meets Philip in a club in East Ward, the only thing she knows about him is that he can’t dance, loves Star Wars and is irresistible in every way. Little does she know that they are on the opposite sides of a multi-billion-dollar property development project that might make – or break – her urban neighborhood.

Philip Wagner is the son of a legendary property developer. He’s spent his whole life working his way to the top to be worthy of a place at his father’s side. But his attraction to Val threatens to make him forget everything that matter to him except one – to have her, any way he can.

Take one Puerto Rican restaurant owner and one billionaire property developer. Add two sides of a multi-billion-dollar development deal. Season with equal parts chemistry and simmer until you have the potential for love – or disaster.

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