Mother’s Day Q&A and Giveaway

I’m celebrating a couple of events this week. First, Harlequin Books Blog conducted a Q&A with me for Mother’s Day, where I discuss the shared passion for romance novels among the women in my family, my aunt who still gets Harlequin romances mailed to her each month & the amazing mentorship opportunity I’ve been given

Second, it’s Mother’s Day in the US. I love spring, the month of May and being a mother so it’s one of my favorite holidays.

And finally, it’s my birthday month. Every seven years, Mother’s Day and my birthday fall on the same Sunday. Double the blessings. Double the cake.

This year, I’m celebrating by giving away a $25.00 e-gift card to The Ripped Bodice. Click on this link here so you can find out how to participate.

The winner will be announced on Sunday night.

During a time such as this one, let’s find ways to celebrate as well.


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