Amazon Author Page

“The Gardener,” in  Summer Heat: A Steamy Romance AnthologyShenanigan’s Press

“A Perfect Storm,” in Red Hots: A Valentine’s Day Anthology , Shenanigan’s Press

The Broken Horse,  A Novella-Length Romance 

“Dream of the Fae”  in Shamrocks, Shelligaghs and Shenanigans (click here for other sellers)

“White ” in Moonlight, Monsters & Magic: A Paranormal Romance Sexy ShortsCollection.


Shadow Woman (

It Begins (tumblr)

Phases (tumblr)

Mounting Butterflies (Mused: Bella Online Literary Review, Winter 2017)

Useful Things (Mused: Bella Online Literary Review, Summer 2018)

Flash Fiction:

La India (SC Jensen Does Sci-Fi – Guest Writer, Halloween Challenge)

Coming Soon:

Incomparable, Book 1, The Navarros; Contemporary Romance, Summer 2019

Incandescent, Book 2, The Navarros; Contemporary Romance, Winter 2019-2020

“Maria of the Sun,”  Untitled, A Summer Collection from the Romance Cafe, Summer 2019

“Hummingbird,” Wierd and Wonderful Holiday Romance Anthology, November 2019


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